Building a website really sucks

The greatest Christmas movie ever

This sucks. I mean like learning trigonometry from a Russian textbook without knowing Russian sucks.

I mean running around on broken glass without any shoes while bad guys are shooting at you sucks.

It’s not intuitive in many areas, it takes you down rabbit holes creating things you don’t think you need and it’s instructions seem to think you already know what you’re doing.

Even the software’s own documentation leaves you wanting. “Create your blog page then add a new article to the sub-menu.”

Wait? What? First, there’s like 15 to 20 steps you left out, like I don’t know, how to actually build the blog?It’s like Google giving you directions to the Empire State building by starting with “Once you’re in Manhattan turn left.” Wait. I’m in fricken Kansas! Did you not read my starting point before you calculated everything?

Then there’s the sub-menu part. There is no sub-menu. Did you create that step while I was up getting a sandwich or something? Because I’ll tell you there’s no crumbs on my keyboard and I’m still hungry! Now tell me again where you’d like me to put this article and it doesn’t require a link to get there.

It’s tiresome and I have no one to blame except the customer and the web builder and they’re both me.

I built the front end of the website in 2 hours. I’ve been working on the blog part for 4 days. I described it once as building multiple ships in multiple bottles and having know idea how to connect them together.

I’ll keep plugging along and creating content.

To paraphrase John McClane in the greatest Christmas movie ever,

“Build a website, it’ll be fun, have some laughs.”

Yippie ki-yay!


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