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I need content to finish formatting my website, thus I’m writing about anything in order to have multiple blog entries to format the pages.

So in order to remember how to do it and to include more content this is my self-instruction on creating a blog page in Joomla for use on my Nicepage web page. Nope, that part doesn’t work. Next idea.

Step one. Go to Content > Articles > New Article. The Content page appears.

Step two. Enter a title, this is a mandatory field. Alias will auto generate.

Step three. Select the Blog category from the drop down on the right. This is vital! Without the blog category the software doesn’t know how to update the blog page with the latest content.

Step four. Write something. I try to always lead with the date to help me see if the blog entries stay in order.

Step five. To insert an image use the Images and Links tab at the top. Still a work in progress there. Insert an intro image (what shows up on the teaser page) and a full article image. Add links as needed too. Intro and main images should have locations formatted as “none”. Default is left. That just looks crappy.

Step six. Save and Close. The blog is created and will magically update on the webpage as long as you picked the correct category (I think). You did remember to do that, right?

BTW, just another random stock image. I have no idea who this person is.


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