It’s all about security.

Star Wars 1977

“The internet. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Obi Wan Kenobi (Probably)

I was working on another blog for this spot. But things have changed and that writing will have to come later.

I think I mentioned to everyone that I made a website. Some of you have visited and some of you have told me of a security warning you have seen when getting here. I assure you that my site is as safe as I can possibly make it. But I want people to come here and enjoy my pictures and laugh and learn when reading my blogs and that won’t happen if you see a big screen-wide banner warning you of a security risk.

So Friday I stopped what I was doing and spent the entire day researching my security error. Its not easy because I don’t see it on my end when I log on or visit the site. But I think I learned its secrets. And now I am in the process of fixing it all.

All websites have a security certificate. Its an ID card proving that the site is really who’s it says it is. I have several, which is alright but I have one for my photo gallery that is on my server and another that is for my website which is also on the server but in a different location. They have different names and both are legitimate but I think the security warning is coming when the hand off is made between the two.

So I am now in the process of re-creating my photo gallery and moving it off the server for display and embedding it into the website so all the pages have the same certificate. If you visit my site over the next week you may find that some or all of my photos are missing or half are in one gallery and half in another. It’ll all be cleaned up by week’s end.

If there are still warnings I have another measure that I can implement but I promise everyone if you visit my site it is safe and secure regardless of the warnings.


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