My History

I’ve always loved the night sky

I grew up out in the middle of farm country where every clear night was full of stars. Step behind the house away from the glare of the pole light and sky came alive. Better yet head down the hill to the fields and all the lights from home were gone and all you had was the sounds of a summer night and the stars. Even as a child I never feared the dark and never passed an opportunity to look up.

Sometime around my 8th birthday my parents gave me my first telescope. It was a cheap, plastic, pocket model that barely passed as a telescope. But it could resolve some craters on the moon and if I sat real still and braced my hands against the fence railing I could just make out that Jupiter had little dots around it which I knew were moons.

The night sky from my home town of Greenup, Illinois

I was hooked.

For all the years following I strove to see more. With the invent of digital cameras I developed a new passion to capture what I always saw through the scope and share it with others. I’ve worked my way through telescopes and CCD imagers to cameras and lenses.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve stretched my subjects to landscapes, weather, travel, even some time lapse videos. However I’ve always tried to keep a similarity in my work. I’ve always been a science geek, an engineer, a nerd.

That’s why I have a recurring theme in almost all of my photos. I want to show something of a scientific nature in my photos. That’s why I concentrate on astrophotography, landscape, weather and even some macro work.