My Inspirations

No one is born with this knowledge. These are just some of the people and groups who have helped me learn more of this sometimes crazy hobby.

Ian Norman – Lonely Speck

Ian Norman and his wife Diana Southern have compiled a website overflowing with information on photographing the Milky Way. I have followed their tutorials and like them, quickly developed a passion for taking high resolution panoramas of the night sky. Their insight and reviews of lenses and equipment are invaluable. If you want to learn how to photograph the night sky check them out at

Jim Hamel Photography

I’ve taken many of Jim Hamel’s online photography courses. His knowledge and experience in landscape photography is among the best I’ve seen.

Gunther Wegner – LR Time Lapse

A few years ago I got into doing time lapse movies. They are a really great way of showing changes in weather or the stars at night. LR Time Lapse is excellent software to combine the power of Adobe’s Lightroom with a powerful time lapse generator. Gunther provides software, equipment and tutorials on his site and yet is never too busy to reply to an email or comment with help and suggestions.

Cloudy Nights Forum

If you want to learn astrophotography, discuss equipment or just shoot the breeze this is the hangout. It’s a global community filled with people who share a passion about the sky. It is also filled with some of the most knowledgeable people in the fields of astronomy, telescopes and astrophotography.

Digital Photography School

While it can be a bit commercial looking with ads and sometimes redundant articles it is packed with reviews and short tutorials on a myriad of general photography topics. They also have a Facebook page. If you follow them you’ll see articles and reviews in your feed.

Fred Espenak – Mr. Eclipse

When I prepared for photographing the 2017 total solar eclipse I practically memorized this site. It contains information on both past and future eclipses (solar and lunar). It also has maps and tons of articles on watching and photographing the most incredible astronomical spectacle you will ever see.